What Is Capital Group?

Capital Group, established in 1931 and headquartered in Los Angeles, California with offices globally is an American investment management firm with over $4 trillion under management as of 2013.

Capital Group provides an array of investment products, from mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to institutional funds. Their mutual funds have over 10 million investors globally while Capital Group’s ETFs boast an incredible $1 trillion under management.

Capital Group is widely respected for its long-term investment strategy. Their investment philosophy centers around choosing companies they believe possess potential for long-term growth; furthermore, Capital Groups holds a diversified portfolio to reduce risk.

What are the benefits of Investing with Capital Groupp?

Capital Group provides many advantages when it comes to investing, such as:

Capital Groups believes in taking a long-term approach when investing, believing that this is the most efficient way of reaching their investment goals.

  • * Diversified Portfolio Capital Groups offers its investors access to a diversified selection of assets in order to mitigate risk.
    Capital Groups provides an expansive selection of investment products, such as mutual funds, cryptocurrency ETFs and institutional funds.
    Capital Group stands out with a proven record of outperforming the market over time with their investment products, and their record speaks for itself.

Who should invest with Capital Group?

It provides excellent investment products suitable for investors of all kinds – from individuals and institutional investors, through retirement planning, college savings and wealth preservation goals.

How to Start Investing with Capitals Group

Capital Group provides many tools and resources that will assist in choosing the most appropriate investments for you, whether that means opening an account through its website or speaking with one of their financial advisors.

Capital Group is an esteemed investment management firm with an outstanding track record. Offering products suitable for investors of all sizes and with different investment goals, Capital Groups may be an ideal long-term partner.

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